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2023 - Present

Chief Network Architect

Mid-America Apartment Communities

In my capacity as the Chief Network Architect, I collaborated closely with executive management to execute the organization's long-term digital transformation strategy. I was responsible for devising and executing the transition to Microsoft Azure as our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. I also engaged with the operations team to coordinate vendor collaborations for designing and implementing a Managed Wi-Fi solution across our company's portfolio. Additionally, I worked in tandem with the Infrastructure Team to implement a standardized Meraki stack across all company properties. My role involved the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of network architecture for over 300 multi-family properties, guaranteeing optimal connectivity, security, and scalability. I developed and executed technology strategies aligned with our business objectives, propelling the organization's digital transformation efforts. As part of my responsibilities, I oversaw network infrastructure projects, ensuring they were completed in a timely manner while staying within budgetary constraints and adhering to industry standards. Collaborating with the cybersecurity team, I played a pivotal role in the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, I managed vendor relationships for network infrastructure procurement, installation, and ongoing support. My role extended to monitoring network performance, analyzing data, and implementing solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability. I maintained a close collaborative relationship with cross-functional teams, gaining insights into their network requirements and providing valuable technical expertise. To ensure transparency and accuracy, I diligently maintained comprehensive documentation of network architecture, configurations, and any relevant changes.

Vice President of Information Technology

Fogelman Management Group

In my role as the Vice President of Information Technology at Fogelman Property Group, I was tasked with designing, executing, and sustaining the overarching information technology strategy for the company portfolio. I was responsible for ensuring that this strategy aligned strategically with the company's objectives, encompassing both corporate and property operations. My primary aim was to ensure that the IT team and business systems delivered efficient and effective project management and support services while upholding the highest standards of security and compliance. My responsibilities included the development of an IT business plan and strategies to oversee the training, support, and maintenance of IT and software infrastructure across the entire organization. This encompassed a range of initiatives, notably:

  1. Orchestrating the Microsoft O365/Azure migration.
  2. Overseeing the implementation of SharePoint.
  3. Ensuring that security protocols and standards are met across the organization's information systems.
  4. Managing IT infrastructure at both the property and parent company levels, which includes networks, cloud services, security measures, and break/fix solutions.
  5. Conducting thorough analysis of IT/systems infrastructure and system performance to evaluate operating costs, productivity levels, upgrade requirements, and other essential metrics and needs.
  6. Establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor system uptime and operations rigorously.
Through these efforts, I was successful to supporting the strategic goals of the organization while maintaining a robust IT infrastructure that ensured operational efficiency, security, and compliance at all levels.

2022 - 2023
2019 - 2022

Vice President of Information Technology

Old Time Pottery

Appointed to spearhead a comprehensive organizational transformation and modernization initiative for the information technology systems and processes. My overarching responsibility encompassed the day-to-day management of all company information technology operations, including the seamless integration of information technology into our business processes while enhancing stakeholder engagement. We were able extend the longevity of our legacy ERP system by a significant six to seven years, a testament to our strategic planning and optimization efforts. Notably, my achievements included improving EDI onboarding from 27% to an impressive 98% and reducing unnecessary expenses by a substantial $250,000. To elevate our department's operational efficiency, we implemented transformative measures, including change management, project management, and a ticketing system, enabling us to address and track issues more expeditiously. We also established an Information Technology Steering Committee to enhance our department's involvement in business project management and budgeting. Collaborating closely with our Marketing team, we strategically planned, executed, and nurtured a significant online presence evolution, transforming it from a static website into a highly profitable E-Commerce platform with convenient "curbside" service and efficient drop shipping capabilities. In addition, we implemented a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse and Business Analytics platform to replace antiquated "static" reporting for all business units. Our partnership with the Supply Chain and Distribution team led to the modernization and automation of inbound and outbound distribution processes, resulting in a noteworthy annual savings of over $250,000 through automation. Furthermore, my collaboration with the Merchandising and Buying team culminated in the automation of daily processes, significantly enhancing day-to-day productivity and ultimately elevating our margin and EBITA by more than 30%. These strategic initiatives collectively underscored my commitment to enhancing the technological and operational landscape at Old Time Pottery.

Senior Vice President of Information Technology (CIO)

Fred's Inc.

Appointed to leverage my extensive career expertise in envisioning and orchestrating the transformation of large-scale IT functions, I assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Information Technology (CIO). I reported directly to the CEO and held the responsibility of reporting to the Board of Directors on Information Security matters. My leadership spanned a team of five direct reports and more than 85 full-time employees across various sectors in the southeastern United States, along with an offshore contingency team of over 50. Our annual budget exceeded $21 million. My overarching responsibility commenced with an in-depth assessment of the current state of the enterprise IT infrastructure. Subsequently, I devised a comprehensive roadmap for the IT landscape's evolution. This transformative journey involved the implementation of a technology ecosystem, rooted in a bottom-up approach guided by the established roadmap. Simultaneously, we cultivated a new IT culture, starting from the upper echelons of leadership and cascading down throughout the organization. This paradigm shift, often referred to as "IT 2.0," effectively positioned IT as a proactive and accountable partner to the business. By reshaping the IT delivery model and consistently delivering exceptional results, we championed a higher quality of IT service that, in turn, empowered the business to achieve remarkable outcomes. Our IT team spearheaded and advocated for significant IT-business initiatives while demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of IT through tangible business profitability metrics. Within my portfolio of direct report teams, we oversaw a wide spectrum of critical functions, including application development (both onshore and offshore), management of three data centers, supervision of two expansive distribution centers (each spanning 1 million square feet), support for infrastructure, database administration, application support, network engineering and telephony, desktop support, pharmacy support, and security operations. This comprehensive oversight encapsulated our commitment to driving IT excellence and aligning it with the strategic objectives of the organization.

2017 - 2019
2015 - 2017

Chief Information Security Officer

Fred's Inc.

Under the purview of the CIO, I collaborated with leadership across functions, divisions, and sites to spearhead the comprehensive Corporate Information Security program as the Chief Information Security Officer. Our primary objective was to remediate the company's credit card breach and ensure the robust protection of information assets. My role encompassed the establishment and maintenance of a company-wide information risk management program and the corresponding organizational structure. In this capacity, I undertook the pivotal task of identifying, assessing, safeguarding against, and reporting on global information security risks, all while adhering to stringent compliance and regulatory requirements. Our approach was meticulously designed to align with and bolster the enterprise's risk posture, reinforcing the security of sensitive information throughout the organization.

Executive Director of Information Technology – Interim CIO

Shelby County Schools

Reporting directly to the Superintendent of the School District and operating within the district's established framework, I held the role of Executive Director of Information Technology. My responsibilities entailed overseeing a substantial team of over 150 professionals, with a focus on budget management, software system development, design, and integration. This extensive undertaking encompassed 181 multi-site operations and administrative centers, serving a user base of 115,000 individuals across the entire district. Furthermore, I bore the responsibility of managing a departmental budget of $35 million. One of my key achievements was the development and successful implementation of the district's Education Technology Plan. This comprehensive plan provided guidance for district-wide initiatives, covering communication networks, hardware and software standards, training protocols, instructional technology, administrative systems, addressing human resource matters, technical support, and strategies for funding, timelines, and resource allocation. In my role, I played a pivotal part in facilitating the decision-making process related to procurement, integration, coordination, operation, installation, maintenance, training, and support for technology initiatives spanning all sectors within the district. My efforts were centered on enhancing the technological infrastructure to support the educational needs of our students and the administrative requirements of our school district.

2014 - 2015
2012 - 2014

Director of Information Technology

Hollywood Casino

As the head of the IT department, I reported directly to the Vice President of Finance and held full accountability for the department's day-to-day operations. My role encompassed the establishment, implementation, and management of departmental policies and procedures. In this capacity, I oversaw the comprehensive IT environment, including the data center, computer hardware and software, networks, computer peripherals, telephone hardware and software, application systems, IT security, and other essential hardware and appliances vital for our IT operations. A significant part of my responsibilities involved forward-thinking systems and component implementation to ensure our investments remained at the forefront of technological advancements. Furthermore, I successfully led a team and budget realignment effort, resulting in a marked improvement in the performance and skills of our legacy IT professionals. The outcome of this initiative was particularly rewarding, with one of our IT team members being recognized as the Employee of the Year for two consecutive years.

Director of Information Technology

Ameristar Casino Resort & Spa

In my role as the Director of Information Technology within the casino's organizational structure, I reported directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). My responsibilities encompassed the strategic planning, coordination, direction, and design of operational activities within the IT department. Additionally, I provided valuable guidance and support for implementing IT solutions that heightened the critical functions of our casino business. I collaborated extensively with the management team and key decision-makers in various departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and maintain cost-effective technology solutions that spanned every facet of our organization. Overseeing a dedicated team of 20 IT professionals, I managed an annual budget of $8 million. My principal aim was to lead the strategic and operational planning for IT, aligning it with the broader business objectives of the casino. This encompassed nurturing a culture of innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and effectively coordinating the assessment, deployment, and administration of both existing and future IT systems throughout our casino property.

2010 - 2012

B.S. Management

Colorado Technical University

Suma Cum Laude


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