Vice President of Information Technology

Appointed to spearhead a comprehensive organizational transformation and modernization initiative for the information technology systems and processes. My overarching responsibility encompassed the day-to-day management of all company information technology operations, including the seamless integration of information technology into our business processes while enhancing stakeholder engagement.

We were able extend the longevity of our legacy ERP system by a significant six to seven years, a testament to our strategic planning and optimization efforts. Notably, my achievements included improving EDI onboarding from 27% to an impressive 98% and reducing unnecessary expenses by a substantial $250,000.

To elevate our department’s operational efficiency, we implemented transformative measures, including change management, project management, and a ticketing system, enabling us to address and track issues more expeditiously. We also established an Information Technology Steering Committee to enhance our department’s involvement in business project management and budgeting.

Collaborating closely with our Marketing team, we strategically planned, executed, and nurtured a significant online presence evolution, transforming it from a static website into a highly profitable E-Commerce platform with convenient “curbside” service and efficient drop shipping capabilities.

In addition, we implemented a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse and Business Analytics platform to replace antiquated “static” reporting for all business units. Our partnership with the Supply Chain and Distribution team led to the modernization and automation of inbound and outbound distribution processes, resulting in a noteworthy annual savings of over $250,000 through automation.

Furthermore, my collaboration with the Merchandising and Buying team culminated in the automation of daily processes, significantly enhancing day-to-day productivity and ultimately elevating our margin and EBITA by more than 30%. These strategic initiatives collectively underscored my commitment to enhancing the technological and operational landscape at Old Time Pottery.