Executive Director of Information Technology – Interim CIO

Reporting directly to the Superintendent of the School District and operating within the district’s established framework, I held the role of Executive Director of Information Technology. My responsibilities entailed overseeing a substantial team of over 150 professionals, with a focus on budget management, software system development, design, and integration. This extensive undertaking encompassed 181 multi-site operations and administrative centers, serving a user base of 115,000 individuals across the entire district.

Furthermore, I bore the responsibility of managing a departmental budget of $35 million. One of my key achievements was the development and successful implementation of the district’s Education Technology Plan. This comprehensive plan provided guidance for district-wide initiatives, covering communication networks, hardware and software standards, training protocols, instructional technology, administrative systems, addressing human resource matters, technical support, and strategies for funding, timelines, and resource allocation.

In my role, I played a pivotal part in facilitating the decision-making process related to procurement, integration, coordination, operation, installation, maintenance, training, and support for technology initiatives spanning all sectors within the district. My efforts were centered on enhancing the technological infrastructure to support the educational needs of our students and the administrative requirements of our school district.