Chief Network Architect

In my capacity as the Chief Network Architect, I collaborated closely with executive management to execute the organization’s long-term digital transformation strategy. I was responsible for devising and executing the transition to Microsoft Azure as our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. I also engaged with the operations team to coordinate vendor collaborations for designing and implementing a Managed Wi-Fi solution across our company’s portfolio. Additionally, I worked in tandem with the Infrastructure Team to implement a standardized Meraki stack across all company properties.

My role involved the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of network architecture for over 300 multi-family properties, guaranteeing optimal connectivity, security, and scalability. I developed and executed technology strategies aligned with our business objectives, propelling the organization’s digital transformation efforts.

As part of my responsibilities, I oversaw network infrastructure projects, ensuring they were completed in a timely manner while staying within budgetary constraints and adhering to industry standards. Collaborating with the cybersecurity team, I played a pivotal role in the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, I managed vendor relationships for network infrastructure procurement, installation, and ongoing support.

My role extended to monitoring network performance, analyzing data, and implementing solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability. I maintained a close collaborative relationship with cross-functional teams, gaining insights into their network requirements and providing valuable technical expertise. To ensure transparency and accuracy, I diligently maintained comprehensive documentation of network architecture, configurations, and any relevant changes.