Director of Information Technology

In my role as the Director of Information Technology within the casino’s organizational structure, I reported directly to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). My responsibilities encompassed the strategic planning, coordination, direction, and design of operational activities within the IT department. Additionally, I provided valuable guidance and support for implementing IT solutions that heightened the critical functions of our casino business.

I collaborated extensively with the management team and key decision-makers in various departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and maintain cost-effective technology solutions that spanned every facet of our organization. Overseeing a dedicated team of 20 IT professionals, I managed an annual budget of $8 million.

My principal aim was to lead the strategic and operational planning for IT, aligning it with the broader business objectives of the casino. This encompassed nurturing a culture of innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and effectively coordinating the assessment, deployment, and administration of both existing and future IT systems throughout our casino property.